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Mark Walmsley – Senate Candidate (WA) for the Liberal Democratic Party

From: ldp.org.au

Mark Walmsley is a highly qualified ex-RAAF test pilot now working in executive management. Dr Mark Dixon is a small business owner providing specialist software services to industry. Both are married with two children.

“I’m proud to run as a Liberal Democrat candidate for the Senate at the coming election,” Mark Walmsley said.

“It is important that voters who believe in less government, lower taxes and greater freedom should have a political party to represent them in the Parliament.”

“High taxing, intrusive government is brake on economic growth. Big government monopolies are inefficient, for which we pay through higher taxes and lower quality services. Every dollar wasted by government on pet projects or incompetent management is a dollar of extra taxes paid by voters. This is money that can’t be used for R&D, infrastructure, or returned to taxpayers.

“I also believe in stong civil liberties and a much reduced role for government in our everyday lives. The more government tells people what to do, the less responsibility people take for their own actions. I am also opposed to recent police stop & search powers and the proposed internet filter.

Mark comes from Moonyoonooka near Geraldton. After joining the Royal Australian Air Force he completed a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering before graduating as a RAAF pilot. After several years flying C-130H Hercules transports Mark and family moved to Manchester, UK to complete experimental test pilot training. Returning to Australia, Mark worked as a test pilot on several programs, flew C-130J Hercules aircraft operationally, and was Commanding Officer of a 60-strong airworthiness, engineering and training unit.

In 2005-06 Mark served as the Commonwealth chief test pilot for the $3.4 billion Wedgetail AEW&C program in Seattle. He was a key contributor in ensuring the aircraft was a safe and capable weapon system.

Also see Mark’s campaign website: http://www.markwalmsley.com.au

WeAreChange Western Australia endorses Mark Walmsley (Liberal Democratic Party) as a Federal Senate Candidate for WA. Find him on your white Upper House voting ballot paper this Federal Election, August 21st.
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