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Climate Sceptics Party top SA senate ticket

Liza Kappelle
From: NineMSN

The Climate Sceptics can hardly believe their luck in landing first place on the South Australian Senate ballot ticket.

Family First got the last spot, right after the Australian Sex Party.

Forty-two candidates are vying for the six SA seats up for grabs in the upcoming August 21 federal election.

The Climate Sceptics SA president, Leon Ashby, is delighted to secure the first spot that many believe can deliver an advantage from “donkey” votes.

“It is fantastic,” Mr Ashby told AAP.



Father & son thrown off Canadian airliner for watching 9/11 footage

Don Peat
QMI Agency

TORONTO – Two Air Canada passengers were pulled from their Orlando-bound flight before takeoff from Toronto’s Pearson Airport after another passenger spotted them watching video of the 9/11 terror attacks.

QMI Agency columnist Joe Warmington, on his way to cover the Conrad Black story in Florida, was on the same plane when another passenger alerted the flight crew after spotting the young boy watching video on his iPod of the planes smashing into the World Trade Centre, just before the plane took off for U.S. airspace.

Alex Jones Radio Show: Father & son thrown off Canadian airliner for watching 9/11 footage

“Other passengers and our crew became concerned,” Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick told the Sun Wednesday. “The passengers were deplaned and following an investigation allowed to travel (Wednesday) morning.

“It made everyone nervous,” the employee said, adding the entire incident may have been a coincidence.


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American: The Bill Hicks Story – AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE IN PERTH

Dir: Matt Harlock & Paul Thomas
Country: USA
Year: 2009
Duration: 100mins
Print Source: |

Known for his dangerously sharp wit and dark humour, Bill Hicks mixed pure attitude with confrontational stand-up.  When people said comedy was the new rock and roll, it was Hicks they had in mind.  With his righteous ferocity and risk-taking, America’s outlaw comic tore into his targets and didn’t let-up.  Tracing Hicks’ career from his early teenage forays into comedy through to cutting his teeth in LA in the 1980’s, and on to the tragedy of his untimely death at the age of 32, this documentary mixes interviews with family, friends and colleagues – all of whom cooperated with the project – with archive footage and home movies from all stages of the comic’s career.

Familiarity with Hicks’ work isn’t necessary to enjoy this movie, thanks to carefully threaded footage of performances throughout, and for those who know him there’s the thrill of watching the great comedian in full flow.  Many of Hicks’ targets still run the world he wanted to save, and his perceptive assaults have lost none of their power.

Proudly presented by 720ABC

Screening Times:
Fri, 16, Jul, 2010 – 8:30 pm
Sun, 18, Jul, 2010 – 8:45 pm

Due to the limited capacity for the Sunday 18th screening, on-line bookings have ceased. Tickets are available at the Astor box office. Ample tickets for Friday 16th are available.
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