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Watts Up with the Climate? Australian Tour

Anthony Watts, David Archibald and David Stockwell are touring Australia 12 June – 1 July 2010.

Details will be updated here as they are finalised: http://www.climatesceptics.com.au/watts.html

Perth, WA: Tuesday 29 June 2010, 6:30pm
Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia
Anthony Watts, David Archibald, Jo Nova and Bob Carter
$25 per person, $20 if you make a booking or are a pensioner
Contact: Anne-Kit Littler (08) 9487 0404 or alittler55@gmail.com

The Speakers

Anthony Watts:
A former television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air, Anthony Watts operates a weather technology business and runs one of the most popular science blogs on the internet, wattsupwiththat.com. He will present advance results on his surface stations project to photographically survey every one of the 1221 USHCN weather stations in the USA used as a “high quality network” that has fallen into neglect.

He’ll also tell his story of conversion from alarmist to skeptic in the 1990s, as well as some salient points about what he’s learned from his climate blogging experience.

Listen to Anthony Watts on ABC Radio National's Counterpoint program, 7th of June 2010

David Archibald:
An Australian scientist operating in the fields of climate science and cancer research, and the author of “Solar Cycle 24: Why the world will continue cooling and why carbon dioxide won’t make a detectable difference”.

David Stockwell, Ph.D.:
Former U.S. scientist, living in Emerald, QLD, and author of the book Niche Modeling, David Stockwell presents the “known knowns” of climate change, especially for the Central Highlands environment, mining, pastoral and agricultural industries.

RSVP for this event at the WeAreChange Australia Meetup group.
Discuss this event on the WeAreChange WA Forums.
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