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Open Your Eyes News Review: Lord Monckton speech on Anthropogenic Global Warming – Perth, 8th February 2010

From http://www.openyoureyesnews.com/2010/02/14/open-your-eyes-news-review-lord-monckton-speech-on-anthropogenic-global-warming-perth-8th-february-2010/

By James Fairbairn, Editor of Open Your Eyes News

Christopher Monckton is clearly a product of his upbringing with a self deprecating style and presentation that was straight from the Oxford Union “How to present a speech” book, complete with two quick anecdotes and a witty joke to start proceedings and warm the audience up. With no obvious notes and just a handful of fairly amateur looking slides he kept the packed room’s attention for nearly two hours as he covered the, now familiar to many, ground of why the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming just doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny.

The initial plank to this argument was historical. The obvious geological evidence that presents the rather inconvenient historical truths that the Earth’s temperature is always going up and down; that we have been emerging from the Little Ice Age for the last 150 years so it isn’t that surprising that temperatures have been slowly rising; and that CO2 has historically been a thousand times more prevalent in the atmosphere than today and yet that coincided in a period when there were ice sheets at the equator.

The second key plank of evidence was the science. Here he rightly highlighted the sun as the key suspect in most climatic changes; the inaccuracy of temperature measurement before the satellite era; the impact of the urban heat island effect on most calculations; the manipulation of the data as exposed by the recent climate-gate scandal; and finally the highly complex mathematical equations used to calculate the impact of CO2 and sunlight on the earth’s atmosphere. Here however though he, a mathematician, was in his element the vast majority of the audience was clearly completely lost.

Ultimately however his core argument was a moral one. If mankind continues down the current path of vilifying CO2 emissions then millions upon millions of our fellow humans will die. The reason for this is stark but obvious for all to see. If you want to reduce poverty (and the birth rate) you should raise peoples standards of living, especially through the provision of electricity. By de-carbonising the world economy we will massively reduce the opportunity for the 3rd World to do this; we will further increase world food prices through the immoral scam that is bio-fuels and increased production and distribution costs; we will cripple the world economy; and even if the IPCC’s calculations are correct, we will hardly impact global temperatures one iota. But to reitterate the point – millions of our fellow humans will die needlessly. However he missed, tellingly perhaps, the other key factor that is by targeting CO2 mankind ignores the real and massive environmental destruction and pollution that he is inflicting on this planet and ourselves.

However after seeing the doyen of the skeptics live, and chatting briefly to him afterwards,  I am still none the wiser as to what his motives and agenda actually are, and a number of nagging questions still remain:

* Is he doing this purely philanthropically?
* Is he serving the agenda of corporate interests? After-all this Australia tour was funded by Australia’s richest woman, Gina Reinhart, who was at the presentation.
* Why did he side-step the very final question of the evening which addressed the surely crucial question of the multi-trillion dollar carbon trading industry that is being created out of the AGW myth? Surely the power and the influence the global banks over the complete agenda is crucial to the understanding and psychology of how we got to this point in the first place?
* Why the very blatant reference to his membership of the secretive and elite Knights of Malta? A reference that would surely be lost on most of the room, and yet to the more informed minority to whom it was presumably aimed, this would sound very large alarm bells and skepticism of his actual agenda
* And finally, the question still remains, though he is clearly an adroit speaker, clearly his arguments are well formed, and clearly he has gained a high international profile from this, however is this slightly eccentric, highly intelligent, English aristocrat really going to be most effective figurehead of the movement to stem this tide of self interest and religious fervor that has taken us down this insane path in the first place? Or is he just being set up as (or created to be) the pantomime villain for the masses?

James Fairbairn, Editor of Open Your Eyes News
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