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Keep WA GM Free! Protest on Parliament House

From: http://no-gmo.asn.au

Date:     Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Time:     12:30pm (should run for around 90 minutes)
Location:     Parliament House

25 January 2010: Announcement by Minister Redman and Premier Barnett to lift the moratorium on commercial growing of GM canola is outright tyranny based on fraud. See the full media statement here:


Farmers and consumers are outraged and will be uniting for a rally at Parliament House on February 23rd @ 12.30pm.

Download the flyer for more details and come and have your say – this is your chance to have a say!
HOST OF PROTEST: “GM Free Consumers Network”.

Aim: To encourage communities to become protective of the state’s current GM free status.

Who we are: The Network is a coalition of local groups and branches based in various rural and metropolitan Perth. This is a public awareness campaign whose aims are to provide information on the latest GM push by agric-chemical companies through information sessions, film nights, seminars and presentations to community groups, local councils, local growers, health practitioners, etc.

Supporters of the Protest:

Conservation Council of WA Inc. http://www.conservationwa.asn.au
Wilderness Society. http://www.wilderness.org.au/regions/western-australia
Organic Growers Association of Western Australia. http://www.ogawa.org.au

And obviously, WeAreChange Western Australia.

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