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WeAreChange needs a legal defense fund


LUKE RUDKOWSKI 5 minute G20 update:

While reporting from the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this 24-25th of September, We Are Change were specifically targeted during their efforts to report accurately while observing the wrong doings of both police and provocateurs whose actions were not only highly illegal but immoral and cancerous to a free society.

Facing tear gas, LRAD sound weapons, heavily armored, black ski-masked thugs, and the military working in tandem against the American people with the police, these brave reporters stood their ground to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They suffered arrest, physical abuse (batons, mace, constrictive plastic wrist cuffs, and jarred shoulders and arms) intimidation, and finally baseless and costly legal charges.

Video of Police Brutality in Pittsburgh after G20 Summit

While defending everything that is what this country must remain our reporters have been unduly persecuted and charged by the true criminals with crimes they did not commit. This is an offense to every man, woman, and child in this nation, and we must now rise up in defense of WeAreChange as their battle is ours. Luke Rudkowski and Lee of We Are Change Chicago were specifically targeted and sent to state prison meanwhile the hundreds of protesters were released and not charged. They are facing charges of disordely conduct and failure to disperse, you will see soon the entire video of the arrest.

Please donate what you can and help the fight for the 1st amendment of the United States Constitution, because if they violate a persons right, they violate the rights of all people.

INFOWARS.COM Article: First-hand account from Jason Bermas

Many more reports at wearechange.org and infowars.com

WeAreChange WA members were not involved in the events at the G20 Summit.

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