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9/11 Families To March on City Hall this Sunday

9/11 Families To March on City Hall As City Seeks to Stop Fresh Probe of Attacks From Going On November Ballot

New York City – On Sunday, September 27 at 2pm, The New York City
Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN), a group comprising 9/11
family members, first responders and survivors, will march from Battery
Park to City Hall in protest of the City’s attempt to block the
referendum for a fresh probe of the 9/11 attacks from going on the
November ballot.

The effort to establish a local commission to pick up where the 9/11
Commission left off comes just as the 9/11 Commission’s Chief Counsel
John Farmer released a book entitled “The Ground Truth” in which he claims “at some level of government, at some point in time … there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.”

80,000 New Yorkers have signed the petition as it has won the
endorsement of 2002 TIME magazine person of the year, and former FBI
agent, Coleen Rowley, as well as outspoken 9/11 victims’ family members
including Bill Doyle, who lost his son Joey, and Lorie Van Auken, who
lost her husband Kenneth. Van Auken is one of the esteemed ‘Jersey
Girls’ who successfully lobbied the federal government to set up the
9/11 Commission only to have 70% of her group’s questions to the
Commission go unanswered.

Speakers for the Battery Park rally include 9/11 family members Bob
McIlvaine and Manny Badillo, New York University’s Professor of Media
Studies, Mark Crispin Miller, and actor Daniel Sunjata of the
Emmy-winning Fox Television series “Rescue Me” which depicts post-9/11
life in a New York firehouse. After a half-hour speakers’ program, 9/11
family members and first responders will lead thousands of supporters in
a march past Ground Zero, The City Clerk’s Office and The State Supreme
Court, all the way to the steps of City Hall.

This week NYC CAN submitted a memorandum of law in response to the
City’s challenge of the petition’s legality. The Court-appointed referee
is scheduled to submit his report and recommendations to the Court on
Monday, September 28. The Court will decide whether or not to adopt the
referee’s recommendations and then issue a decision, after which appeals
will likely follow immediately. ”The arguments are strong on both sides,
so the judges will have some thinking and analyzing to do,” said Dennis
McMahon, the Petitioners’ attorney. “No other case pending in the New
York courts has a higher priority on the calendars than this one, so we
should have a definitive answer by next week.”

If the Court decides that more than 15,000 of the 28,000 additional
signatures submitted on September 4 are deemed valid by the City Clerk,
the referendum will go on November’s ballot. In case the clerk finds
that fewer than 15,000 signatures are valid, NYC CAN has a team of
volunteers standing by ready to perform another line-by-line review and
challenge the Clerk’s findings. If the referendum passes, it would lead
to the creation of a local, independent commission with subpoena power
that would be tasked with comprehensively re-investigating the attacks.

For more info: http://www.nyccan.org

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